ROCKIN' DOGG' - Quotes - Camas, WA
It's easy to send us a quick message or reach out to us any time!
Call or text to: 360-991-3056

  • Weddings starting at $995.00. Depending on what you need from us for your wedding rates may be flexible (additional ceremony and rehearsal fee's may apply)

  • Home Coming, Winter Formals and Proms starting at $895.00

  • Birthday, Anniversary and and pool parties starting at $350.00
  • How about a themed Party? Trivia games? Party games?Starting with your imagination we will make each event one to be remembered. Have you ever expierienced a glow party?!!

Pay by phone - credit cards accepted by phone with an instant receipt.

Basic party rates start at $450.00 for a 4 hour event and a $100.00 fee for each additional hour to keep the party going!.
Call for individual pricing on up lighting, bubbles, confetti, snow and much more!

Thanks for checking us out today, we can't wait to be your party people at your event!
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